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Inti Zlobec

Inti Zlobec





Zlobec Inti

Prof. Dr., PhD Coordinator
Translational Research Unit (TRU)
Senior Teaching and Research Assistant


Academic record


1998-2001       Bachelors of Science (BSc), Major in
                        Physiology, McGill University,
                        Montreal, Canada
2001-2003       Masters of Science (MSc), Department
                        of Pathology, McGill University,
                        Montreal, Canada
2003-2007       Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Jointly
                        with the Departments of Pathology
                        and of Mathematics and Statistics,
                        McGill University, Canada
2010                Venia Docendi (PD), Faculty of
                        Medicine, University of Basel,
2012                Umhabilitation (PD), Faculty of
                        Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland

Positions held


2007-2010      Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of
                       Pathology, University Hospital
                       Basel, Switzerland
2011               present - Senior research and
                       teaching assistant

Research interests


Our research group performs inter-disciplinary translational research aimed at improving the clinical management of patients with colorectal cancer. We are primarily interested in the molecular classification of colorectal cancers and the clinical relevance of molecular, protein and histomorphological biomarkers as prognostic and predictive features of tumor response to therapies. As such, our group has strengths in histology, immunohistochemistry and tissue microarray construction, molecular analysis, and the development of biostatistical prognostic and predictive models.

Selected recent publications


Zlobec I, Bihl MP, Foerster A, Rufle A, Lugli A.
The impact of CpG island methylator phenotype and microsatellite instability on tumour budding in colorectal cancer. Histopathology. 2012 [Epub ahead of print]. Pubmed

Zlobec I, Bihl M, Foerster A, Rufle A, Lugli A.
Comprehensive analysis of CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP)-high, -low, and -negative colorectal cancers based on protein marker expression and molecular features. J Pathol. 2011; 225(3):336-43. Pubmed

Zlobec I, Molinari F, Kovac M, Bihl MP, Altermatt HJ, Diebold J, Frick H, Germer M, Horcic M, Montani M, Singer G, Yurtsever H, Zettl A, Terracciano L, Mazzucchelli L, Saletti P, Frattini M, Heinimann K, Lugli A. 
Prognostic and predictive value of TOPK stratified by KRAS and BRAF gene alterations in sporadic, hereditary and metastatic colorectal cancer patients. Br J Cancer. 2010; 102(1):151-61. Pubmed

Zlobec I, Terracciano L, Tornillo L, Günthert U, Vuong T, Jass JR, Lugli A.
Role of RHAMM within the hierarchy of well-established prognostic factors in colorectal cancer. Gut. 2008 ; 57(10):1413-9. Pubmed

Zlobec I, Steele R, Terracciano L, Jass JR, Lugli A.
Selecting immunohistochemical cut-off scores for novel biomarkers of progression and survival in colorectal cancer. J Clin Pathol. 2007; 60(10):1112-6. Pubmed

Zlobec I, Steele R, Michel RP, Compton CC, Lugli A, Jass JR.
Scoring of p53, VEGF, Bcl-2 and APAF-1 immunohistochemistry and interobserver reliability in colorectal cancer. Mod Pathol. 2006; 19(9):1236-42.  Pubmed

Zlobec I, Steele R, Nigam N, Compton CC.
A predictive model of rectal tumor response to preoperative radiotherapy using classification and regression tree methods. Clin Cancer Res. 2005; 11(15):5440-3. Pubmed

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